Quotes and Views

Here are some quotes that resonate with me, draw attention to notable numbers, or just made me laugh.


The terrible monkey


The high price of low income

Quotes and Policitical Thoughts

No rush to grow

Firefighter Taxes > Big Company Taxes

Masked leader of the free world

Don’t forget the Infinity Ove Glove

Internet in the mail

Sociopathic tendencies

Here’s a fish and a pole

The .7 second mistake

Exploitation vs my discount

Sphinx of black quartz

There’s always a bigger game

Not that guy!

The art of crows


Poor Brian

Simple plan

The river of money

Liechtenstein’s New Friend

Jesse getting too close

Here’s your coupon

I just want them to be comfortable

Be born rich

No Tax Nikes

Good System

Top 55

Sweet $2 dollar pants

$2 trillion hidden in plain sight

Cruzin’ for a bruisin

Who needs who

Inequality in America

GoFundMe America

Boebert against stimulus

$4 Million Stimulus check

Living with Parents

Homeless Stimulus Checks

Insider Trading

No Pants < No Food

Let them eat cake


Kind athiests


Insurance vs Healthcare

No golf?!

Senator Salaries

Voting Against Herself

With my taxpayer money!?


Offshore Bailouts

It’s definitely somewhere

Billionaire “Charity”

Don’t use their names



That one, but not this one

The Market Decides

Who took the money?

The 5 hour work day

Numbers don’t lie

It’s got blueberries


Good guy with a gun?

Go ahead, crawl up the stairs

Forgive yourself

Covid Challenge

Cry me a river – Bernie Sanders

Pickle and Rat Sandwich